short of breath.

January 15, 2010

test over. report next.



January 12, 2010

i’m so busy this week 😡


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January 1, 2010

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dedicated post.

December 27, 2009

I’m now in the final leg of my FYP module and I’m already done with my hardware component and it is already up and working. Shall take some pictures and post it in the future. So far we’re left with report, poster and then final presentation and exhibition. I don’t know how am I suppose to exhibit my project because the motor speed is damnnn sloww.. That’s what you get when you have a tight budget. Not exactly tight budget, but rather you just spend all your budget once which makes it seem like you have a tight budget.

Got an A grade for my Human Factors module which I’m quite surprised and really happy about it. I know I will do quite well in that paper and was hoping for a B+ instead of an A. But since I’m given A, so just take it! 😀 But the rest of my module… chui la. Still waiting for another paper’s result which I don’t really expect much of it.

Had a blast on my 21st! Thanks to all who came down and celebrated with me. Apologies if I’m a bad host. Was feeling quite sick that day so yeah. Didnt had the energy to go around entertaining people, but still, many many thanks! So what’s the deal of turning 21? Go casino? But I don’t gamble I don’t know how to gamble. LOL.

Went for my short getaway after that. Had a great time and really nice time over there. The scenery is awesome and thank god it didn’t rain that heavily throughout the entire stay there. 😀 Many thanks to that special one 🙂

Then comes Christmas which i spent it alone. Not much happenings, just bum and nua around at home. Start to play my Call of Duty (was a birthday gift actually)  took me quite a while to get used to the graphics, makes me feel giddy after sometime. Toooo long didn’t touch on any RPG games already.  I think after all these bumming around and nua-ing, my dark circles ain’t that dark anymore! 😀  Hooray~


for rayson

November 17, 2009

for rayson

Line is clearly drawn. LOL

just joking 🙂


looonggg time ago.

November 13, 2009

It’s been donkey months, but don’t worry people, I’m not dead yet. School and FYP didn’t successfully make me jump off down any building yet. Infact, I’m still surviving quite well and I’m 90% done with my FYP ( time to shake leg in lab) and about 8 more academic weeks to the end of my tertiary education.

FYP assessment was quite a breeze (yeah, i know i talked about it on the previous post. now this is the 2nd assessment) and cool, this time round there’s self and peer evalutation. Time to do some backstabbing and self praise. Well, for all I know I might be the one being backstab at. Back to the presentation, at least, I did manage to understand my C codes and explained it in clear details which brings in a contradiction because I have clearly no idea what my embedded system module is all about (it is also in C code). I’m going to be so screwed for the test next week. FML.

Going through this period of time where I have 8 academic weeks left before I graduate also makes me think what I want to do in the future, many have heard my choice of being a flight engineer. But then I’m also thinking whether I should give a gamble for OCS cause you only live once (Well, I’m always contemplating between choices).It’s not that I’m fickle minded about my career but rather, you want the best for yourself and the people around you. After all, I’m still joining the force anyway so I’m not exactly fickle minded in a sense. But the question remains, how far can you go when you’re NOT a scholar. Ancient Generals aren’t that book smart, but they are able to make split seconds decision and convinced people of their decision, they don’t go to battles carrying writing pad and calculators and start to do equations on how the war is going to be fought.

To lead, to excel, to overcome. Let’s just start from the back for me to overcome myself and then to lead and excel.




August 12, 2009

HAHAHA! It has been don’t know how many ungodly months since I updated this dusty blog     “As what Clement name it as”

Been very very busy with school, Final Year Project and final papers are coming in less than 3 weeks time. Saw my schedule and lucky I don’t have to be back on a Saturday for it.

FYP assessment on this coming Wednesday which is 2 more days and things are still quite messed up in all ways and just hope on the day itself it would be so messed up that it will become so beautifully in place. Afterall, the assessment is only 40 mins, just crap through the way!

NAPFA is also coming and my Mizuno had to die on me recently. All the sole is glued temporarily by me for now and I don’t know how long it can last. I  mean, some of the rubber soles are gone and left the cushion part to run on which provides no grip on the track and it’s raining and I’ve been eyeing on this AdiZero Mana :


hot eh?

Below are the pictures of my FYP that I’m not so proud of cause it’s not beautifully set up yet and it’s half done, still have whole lots of features that are not integrated into yet.